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Read It! November 2023


Why Society Hates Them and Why We Need Them

The animosity toward men is heating up in the academy, the church, and culture at large. What used to be heard on the periphery is now commonplace at every turn. For this rea- son, Owen Strachan’s latest book, The War on Men: Why Society Hates Them and Why We Need Them has arrived at a strategic time.

Dr. Strachan’s work is both descriptive and prescriptive. First, he offers a critical analysis on the state of men - both how and why they struggle. The biblical portrait of men is clearly articulated with specific examples of men who followed God faithfully and those who failed along the way.

True manhood is found ultimately in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is presented as tough and tender, kind and gentle, and One who serves the Father and ministers to the people of God. Ultimately, this warrior-King, dies for the church and rises again victo- riously on the third day, conquering death, and forgiving the sins of everyone who be- lieves. Strachan writes, “Like Christ himself, a strong man of God must be many-sided and multi-dimensional. He can only live in such a way if God works in his heart and sup- plies the grace for such godliness, as He does and will do for all of us imperfect and naturally weak men.”

One of the many strengths of this book is the distinction between men and women, and the high calling of men in particular. Strachan doesn’t waste time here. He tackles the important matter of manhood by expounding the biblical roles of men, challenging them

to faithfully obey the creation mandate with wives by their side, fulfilling their God-given role as “helpers.”

While much of the book is descriptive, the author also includes helpful prescriptions for men who seek to faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The concluding chapter offers “a plan for boys and a way back for men.” The principles that Strachan offers are challenging, much-needed, and biblical. These principles fly in the face of our pragmatic-driven culture that is more geared to paganism than piety.

The War on Men is a gospel-salve for a sick and dying culture. It is a battering ram against the pagan lies of feminism and “toxic masculinity” that pervades the contemporary milieu. Strachan’s biblical wisdom and practical sensibility are not only welcome but essential in our day. Simply put, the message of this book cannot go unheeded or we pay a terrible price.

Drop everything now and read this book. Tell other men about it. Encourage men, both young and old to read it and re-read it. Challenge feminists and egalitarians to read this book. Read this book with a group of college-age students. Allow the message of The War on Men to enter and impact your theological bloodstream. The end result will benefit men and lead to spiritual health and gospel-centered obedience.