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About Veritas:

Veritas exists in order to educate the mind with the eternal truths of God's Word and saturate students with the Christian worldview, engage the affections so that students might passionately pursue God, equip the whole person, and encourage God-centered living which leads to life transformation and intentional evangelism.

Current Class Offerings: 

Caverns to Cathedrals: A History of the Early Church, Part 2

Instructor: Kirk Veldman

Location: Multi-Purpose Room

This is a survey course covering the church from the 8th to the 15th century, we will be examining major events and figures, such as Charlemagne, the Crusades, Thomas Aquinas, and others. Not wanting to study history for simple trivia knowledge, we will also be discussing how to use these figures and events in our own day and age. Many of the events covered have direct impact on life today in the Roman Catholic Church, the Middle East and elsewhere, and background knowledge of these events can be crucial in reaching people in those traditions and areas. I would love to see you in class!

The Book of Revelation: The Seals of the Scroll

Instructor: Tom Juchmes

Location: Fellowship Hall

This class will begin with a study of the holiness of God particularly as it applies to the description of God, his throne, and the angelic beings that surround him as described in Revelation chapter four. Next, there will be an investigation of the meaning of the scroll and the seven seals which describe God’s judgment upon those who refuse to repent. Interwoven with God’s judgment is his plan to shelter the redeemed and offer his mercy through the call of the gospel. The book of Revelation is a beautiful expression of God’s love and the execution of his perfect justice. Part I will conclude with an explanation of the trumpet judgments.

Veritas courses take place at 13 week intervals. Our classes meet at 9:00 AM every Sunday.