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Welcome to Christ Fellowship

We meet each Sunday
Worship Service (10:30AM)
1208 E. Main Street
Everson, WA, 98247



 Christ Fellowship is a thriving church of 175-200 people.  You'll find that we have a place for you here, regardless of where you might be on your spiritual journey. We love to include people who are learning about God for the very first time, others who have walked with God for many years, and all the other people who are somewhere in between. We have a deep desire to see and savor Jesus Christ and are amazed at the grace he has given us. Feel free to dress casually during our worship service at 10:30am each Sunday. The music in our worship service is a blend of contemporary songs and hymns that celebrate the beauty of the gospel!



Visiting a church for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many. We want you to feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible as soon as you arrive on our site on Sunday mornings. When you arrive, you can expect to find a parking spot and go in the front doors of the main campus. We will have signs directing you where to go.  



 Our worship service consists of singing new songs and hymns, set to a contemporary style of music. We seek to engage both the mind and the heart and worship God in spirit and truth.



Our sermons are expository, which means we focus each week on a particular text of the Bible and attempt to understand its meaning and apply it to our own hearts. Each sermon will address those who are new to Christianity and those who have been Christians for years. Every week we will hear about our need for God's grace and how abundantly God has provided that grace for us in Jesus Christ.
AFTER WORSHIP - After the service, our people hang around and talk. Often we will go out for lunch together as well. This is a great time to get to know others in the church. We have many new people who are just arriving at Christ Fellowship and just arriving in our city.


We hope that you will join us soon at Christ Fellowship and see how THE GOSPEL CHANGES EVERYTHING.