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Read It! December 2023


Foundations for Lifelong Learning: Education in Serious Joy is designed for Christian readers who love growing spiritually. “This book,” according to the author, John Piper, “is for anyone at any age, who refuses to stagnate intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.”


Anyone familiar with Dr. Piper’s writings will quickly recognize the emphasis on joy. And while some are quick to belittle his passion for joy, their critiques fall flat in seconds. Piper points readers to the glory of Christ and shows the tie-in with Christian education. He writes, “That is the deepest foundation in serious joy: all things were made by Christ, belong to Christ, and exist for Christ … Therefore joy, serious joy, is at the heart of Christ-exalting education.”


The book is arranged into six short chapters that emphasize lifelong learning for Christ’s glory and revolve around six habits of heart and mind. Readers are challenged:


to observe the world and the word accurately and thoroughly.

to understand clearly what we have observed.

to evaluate what we have understood by discerning what is true and valuable.

to feel with proper intensity the worth, or futility, of what we have evaluated.

to apply wisely and helpfully in life what we understand and feel.

to express in speech and writing and deeds what we have observed, understood, evaluated, felt, and applied in a way that glorifies the Lord.

Dr. Piper carefully unpacks the six habits and helps Christians see how lifelong learning has an ultimate end, namely, glorifying Christ.


In some ways, Foundations for Lifelong Learning is a follow-up to the author’s 2010 book, Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God. Each book makes a solid contribution to an area that has been neglected by many Christians. My hope is that Piper’s newest release will serve as a catalyst for many people and catapult them into the stratosphere of lifelong learning.