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Read It! - December 2019

On the Road with St Augustine

Pastor Steele's Red It selection for December 2019 is "On the Road with St. Augustine" by James K.A. Smith...

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Read It! - November 2019


Pastor Steele's Read It selection for November 2019 is "Emblems of the Infinite King" by J. Ryan Lister...

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Read It! - October 2019


Pastor Steele's Read It selection for October 2019 is "Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat" by Andrew Wilson...

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Read It! - September 2019


Pastor Steele's Read It selection for September 2019 is "Maturity: Growing Up and Going on in the Christian Life " by Sinclair B. Ferguson...

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Read It! - June 2019


Pastor Dave's Read It selection for June, 2019 "Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age" is a timely book that is thought provoking and deeply challenging. Reinke’s diagnosis and description of the current visual dilemma is clear and sobering....

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Read It! - July 2019


Pastor Steele's Read It selection for July 2019 is "Grace Defined and Defended" by Kevin DeYoung. It is a summary and exposition of the Canons of Dort. The Synod convened from 1618-1619 and crystallized the Reformed position concerning soteriology....

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Read It! - August 2019


Pastor Steele's Read It Selection For August 2019 is Costi W. Hinn's God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel. In this book Hinn confronts the prosperity gospel. Hen clearly defines the poisonous effects of this pernicious movement: “The prosperity gospel is here to stay and is spanning the globe, doing damage to the true gospel of Jesus Christ....

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Read It! - May 2019

Pastor Steele's Read It! selection for May, 2019, "The Logic of God" is the newest offering by Ravi Zacharias. This book contains 52 Christian essentials for the heart and mind. The book is targeted to Christian readers but it would be an excellent resource for skeptics to consider as well. ...

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Read It! - March, 2019

Pastor Steele's Read It selection for March 2019 is "Why I Love the Apostle Paul" by Dr. John Piper. Piper's motive in writhing this book is that Paul's "God-entranced soul and his unparalleled vision of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of his life would move you to admire him and believe his message and embrace his Lord." ...

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Read It! - February 2019

Pastor Dave's Read It! selection for February 2019, "The Story of His Glory" by Brian Hedges may possibly be the shortest book you’ll read all year. But it will surely be among the most powerful....

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