Worship Service 9:30 to 10:45 AM   


Ministry Action Team (MAT):

   “A Group of people at Christ Fellowship focused on developing fully devoted followers of our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing different ministry opportunities and needs.  Their aim is to go public with the glory of God."


 Financial Stewardship MAT:

  “To lead the Christ Fellowship body onto joyful obedience to biblical steward-ship so that we can more effectively fulfill the mission to which we have been called.”


Elder Oversight: Pastor Steele


Care MAT:

  “To bring glory to God by providing care by being Christ’s hands and feet to those needing encouragement in the body at Christ Fellowship.”


Elder Oversight: Justin Struiksma


Prayer MAT:

  “To promote and encourage prayer at Christ Fellowship.  To pray to our Heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.  To pray for our church, community…the world.”


Elder Oversight: Pastor Steele


Worship MAT:

  “The purpose of the worship ministry is to use music to help people see and delight in the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Elder Oversight: Doug Holt


Children’s Ministry 4-5's MAT:

  “To come along side Christ Fellowship parents and assist in the spiritual training of their children two years of age through kindergarten.

  “To recruit CF adults who have the desire to teach young children; to provide these teachers with training and mentoring so they grow in service to the church body. 

  “To provide Christian education classes during the Sunday School and Worship Service hours on Sunday, planting seeds of foundational Biblical truths at an early age.”


Elder Oversight: Steve Nims


Outreach MAT:

To coordinate and create opportunities for Christ-followers to build relational bridges with other community members and share the saving message of the gospel with them through participation in existing community service events and events hosted by Christ Fellowship.”


Elder Oversight: Ken Alsum 


Facilities MAT:

To have a ministry that intentionally bears fruit of discipleship and hospitality/outreach.  Utilizing the practical tasks of facilities maintenance to foster discipleship and maintaining flexibility to change and/or update the facilities to meet the current ministry needs as well as provide a welcoming/safe environment of worship.”


Elder Oversight: Steve Nims


Ministry Excellence MAT:


Elder Oversight: Jerry Toom 


Women’s  Ministry MAT:

To bring glory to God by providing God-centered Bible studies, fellowship and encouragement for women.”


Elder Oversight: Jason Scheib


Veritas MAT:


Elder Oversight: Pastor Steele

Iron Men MAT:


Elder Oversight: Pastor Steele

JAM (Jesus and Missions) MAT:

Using God’s Word we are teaching our kids about JESUS through story, crafts, games, plays, videos, and music AND training them for their MISSION, “To tell others.” Matthew 28:19


Elder Oversight: Jerry Toon

Pre-school MAT:


Elder Oversight: Pastor Steele

Nursery 2-3's MAT:


Elder Oversight: Steve Nims

Youth MAT:


Elder Oversight: Nate Libolt



Missions MAT:

Making more disciples by spreading the gospel throughout the world.”


Elder Oversight:  Jerry Toon

There are many opportunities to offer your time and talent in one of our MATs. Whether you can pick a guitar or pull a weed, there are ways you can serve to the glory of God. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the MATs, contact the overseeing elder. If you see a need that is not being met and have been called and gifted to meet that need, consider starting you own MAT contact an elder and discuss the idea with him.