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Read It! May 2024


Christians all share a common goal of reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ. Youth pastors are especially interested in seeing young people who are aflame for the Lord. Much of the literature that addresses discipleship and evangelism is either pragmatic or programmatic, which does not typically yield favorable results.


Kevin DeYoung’s book, The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation is breath of fresh air. His short work addresses an important need in a biblical and thoughtful way. The author maintains, “If you walk with God and walk with people, you’ll reach the next generation.”


DeYoung provides five helpful principles designed to truly reach the next generation with the gospel: 1) Grab them with passion, 2) Win them with love, 3) Hold them with holiness, 4) Challenge them with the truth, and 5) Amaze them with God.


Parents and pastors alike will receive fresh encouragement and even a dose of conviction in DeYoung’s timely work.