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Read It! - June 2022


The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung is a book that every Christian parent should read and re-read to their children. DeYoung makes it clear that “this book is a storybook about the Bible, but it is not the Bible.” The aim of the book is to teach children the “grand, sweeping story of Scripture.” The book is arranged in seven parts:

  1. The Pentateuch
  2. History
  3. Poetry
  4. The Prophets
  5. The Gospels
  6. Acts and Epistles
  7. Revelation

Each part contains basic narratives that help children see the big picture. Better yet, each page is beautifully illustrated by Don Clark. Clark is a gifted artist that brings biblical stories to life in a way that will keep children interested and drawn to God’s big story.


The great benefit of this book is that it opens the eyes of children to the wonder of theology and the greatness of God. It provides a basic framework for children to grasp systematic and biblical theology as they grow older. Children will discover that Christ is the focal point of Scripture - from the Garden of Eden to the New Earth.


I can’t say enough about The Biggest Story Bible Storybook. DeYoung is able to capture the essential elements in Scripture and does it in a compelling and creative way. Even though the book is designed for children, I recommend that every incoming Bible College student read this excellent book to provide a beautiful overview of God’s Word.