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Read It! - June 2021


Everyone loves a good story. For centuries people have gathered to tell stories. Some stories are simply fun. Others are life-changing. The Promise: The Amazing Story of Our Long-Awaited Savior by Jason Helopoulos is a story of the latter variety. Indeed, it is a story about God’s plan for the nations. But it is not just any story - it is his story.


This short children’s book is a creative way to teach biblical theology to young minds. Pastor Helopoulos begins in Genesis 1:1 with the creation narrative. He walks readers through the six days of creation and proceeds to show how sin entered the world and ruined everything. The remainder of the book focuses on various ways that people try to find peace with God.


In the end, the reader is confronted with the reality of the gospel as the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, the one who was promised in Genesis 3:15: The author writes:

In this child, the promise came. He was the one who would crush the head of the serpent, deliver mankind from their sins, grant them his righteousness, work in them his holiness, give them his life.

The Promise not only accurately unfolds the precious promise of the Redeemer; it is beautifully bound and includes stunning illustrations on each page by Rommel Ruiz. The blend of art and theology geared to children of all ages makes this book an important part of family discipleship. It is a book that can and should be read multiple times and discussed with children. Such a book can be passed from one generation to the next and introduce children to God’s redemptive plan for the nations.