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A Grim Indictment - Part 3

August 11, 2019 Speaker: David Steele Series: The Book of Romans

Passage: Romans 1:21–1:23

<h4 style="text-align: center;">A GRIM INDICTMENT<br />Part 3</h4>
<p style="text-align: center;">Romans 1:21-23</p>
<p>I. A GRIM INDICTMENT<br />E. FAILED TO ____________ GOD AS HE DEMANDS.<br />Posture<br />1. A posture of _____________ and ____________.<br />2. The claim of the unconverted creature:</p>
<p>3. The nature of this bold claim:</p>
<p>4. God's expectations:<br />a. __________________<br />b. __________________<br />c. ____________________ before God's Word.</p>
<p>5. God's response:</p>
<p>Problem<br />1. They have become ______________.</p>
<p>Pagan Exchange</p>
<p>Five Marks of God the Judge (Acts 17:30-31).<br /> God is a ___________ Judge.<br /> God is an _________________ Judge.<br /> God is a _________________ Judge.<br /> God is a _________________ Judge.<br /> God is the ________________ Judge.</p>

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