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January 6, 2019 Speaker: David Steele Series: The Book of Jude

Passage: Jude 1–2

Jude 1-2


I. GOD _______________________ US TO SALVATION
A. What Does it Mean to Be Called?
1. Kleitós - To be __________________ to receive
B. Who is Called?
1. _______________ was specifically called by God
(Isa. 41:9; 42:6; 48:12).
2. Transferred to the ________________ in the NT
(Acts 13:47-48).
C. Will the Called Come?
1. Distinguishing between the general/effectual call.
 The general call is given to ________.
 The effectual call is the call of God to his

II. GOD ____________________ US IN OUR SALVATION.
A. Probing the Perseverance of the Saints
1. It does not mean that we live ____________ lives.

2. It does not advance a ______________ attitude
toward the Christian life.
3. It does not mean that Christians are sinless and
never _______________________.
B. What Perseverance of the Saints Means?
1. God promises to _______________ our salvation.
2. God promises to ____________________ what
he starts (Phil. 1:6).
3. God promises to _______________ us to the
image of Christ (Rom. 8:29).
4. God promises that nothing will _______________
us from his love (Rom. 8:35-39).
5. God promises to _______________ us.
C. How Does the Indestructibility of our Salvation Affect
1. No fear of ______________________ (Rom. 8:1).
2. It helps us place our ________ in God's character.
3. Our security is based on God's promise to
__________________ our salvation.

III. GOD _________________________ US

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