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An Expose' of Unbelief

February 8, 2015 Series: The Book of John

Passage: John 6:22–6:29


(John 6:22-29)

I. THEIR __________________
A. Zooming in on Their Focus
1. Their minds were ________________ on Jesus.

2. Their feet were intent on ______________ Jesus.

3. Their hearts were __________ from Jesus.

4. Their focus was on ___________________ things.

II. THEIR ___________________
A. Zooming in on Their Failure
1. They failed to be ___________________ in Jesus.

The meaning of believe (pisteúō):

• ____________________________

• ____________________________

• ____________________________

God calls us to _______________ on eternity and have
______________ in his Son.




John 6:22-29

Discussion Questions

1. How would you explain the idea of unbelief to a child?

2. How have you struggled with unbelief?

3. Who struggles with unbelief – believers, unbelievers, or both?

4. Why was the crowd seeking Jesus in John 6:22-24?

5. How does Jesus respond to the crowd?

6. Has the consumer mentality taken root in your life? If so, what will you do about it?

7. What was the failure of the crowd?

8. What are the three components of saving faith?

9. What are some markers that indicate a person is failing to be satisfied with all that God is for them in Christ?

10. What is the truth point? How can you take steps to focusing on eternity?
How can you demonstrate faith in Jesus this week?