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The Demolition of Doubter's Castle

January 25, 2015 Series: The Book of John

Passage: John 6:16–6:21


(John 6:16-21)

I. THE ___________________ (John 6:16-19)
A. The Disciples’ Fear
1. The Source of Their Fear
The ________________

The appearance of ______________.

II. THE ___________________________ (John 6:20)
A. “Do Not Fear!”

B. The Antidote to Fear
1. Remember the _________________ you serve.

2. Remember the Savior is ____________________ Over All Things.

3. Remember to Claim the ____________________ of God.

The sovereign Savior _______________________ every fear!


John 6:16-21

Discussion Questions

1. Can you identify with John Bunyan’s characters in Doubter’s Castle? How is your experience similar?

2. What are your top three fears? How long have you battled these fears?

3. What do you think about the disciples’ fear? Is this normal? Why or why not?

4. Why do you think the command to “fear not” is such a dominant theme in Scripture?

5. Why is it important to remember the Savior you serve?

6. Why is it important to remember that the Savior is sovereign over all things?

7. Why is it important to remember to claim the promises of God?

8. What is your plan for battling fear this week?

9. What is the truth point? How does the truth point change your perspective, especially when fear rears its ugly head?