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Savior of the World

November 16, 2014 Series: The Book of John

Passage: John 4:27–4:42


(John 4:27-42)

I. A GODWARD _____________________ (John 4:31-38)
A. The Necessity Of A Godward Perspective
1. Jesus _______________ a Godward perspective.

2. Without a Godward perspective, we will be seduced by the ______________.

3. A Godward perspective will turn our affections _____________________.

B. Application
1. Dirty ______________
2. Moving _______________
3. Warm ________________
4. Engaged __________________

II. A GODWARD ______________ STORY (John 4:39-40)
A. The Samaritan Woman’s Grace Story
1. ________ was I before Jesus found me?

2. __________ did Jesus do for me?

B. The Basic Elements Of Your Grace Story
1. __________ was I before Jesus found me?
2. __________ did Jesus do for me?

C. Emerging Principles
1. When people are transformed by God’s grace – they _______________________________!
2. When people share the story of God’s grace, people _____________________________!
3. When people believe in Jesus, we help fulfill the ________________________________.

III. A GODWARD _____________________ (John 4:41-42)
A. Non-Negotiables
1. A word which is __________________.
2. A truth which is __________________.
3. A confrontation with a ____________________.




John 4:27-42

Discussion Questions

1. What are some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith that tend to be neglected? How have you neglected these things in your life?

2. What things prevent you from living a life which is in step with the priorities of the kingdom?

3. Why is a Godward perspective so important in the Christian life?

4. What does a Godward perspective look like in your life? What specific things can you do this week to move in a Godward direction?

5. What are the basic elements of a Godward grace story?

6. Take time to share your grace story with someone?

7. Why are so many Christian reluctant to share their grace story? How can this hurdle be overcome? Why must this hurdle be overcome?

8. What are the non-negotiables of Godward proclamation?

9. What is the truth point? How does the truth point touch your life, now?