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Snapshots of the Messiah: Jesus the Shepherd

January 5, 2014 Series: Pursuing the King

Passage: Luke 15:1–15:7

Snapshots of the Messiah: Jesus the Shepherd

Luke 15:1-7

Josh Struiksma

“Let not a man associate with the wicked,

not even to bring him to the Law”

(New Bible Commentary)

Main Point: Like a Good ___________________, God _________________ more over the salvation of the _______________ than over those who are already ________________ in his Kingdom.

Who is the Shepherd?

(1) It is ___________________ (vs. 2)

(2) Jesus _______________ to be the Shepherd (John 10:11)

(3) Jesus’ _______________ to _______________ the lost (Luke 19:10)

Who are the Lost?

(1) They are _________________ in need of ____________________ (vs. 2 and 7)

(2) God’s ________________ who have yet to _______________ the voice of the Shepherd (John 10:16)

Who are the 99 Sheep?

(1) God’s ________________ who have _________________ and  ____________________ to the Shepherd. (vs. 7)

(2) The 99 Sheep are NOT the ­­­­___________________ or the  ________________ (vs. 7; Matt. 23)

How should this Parable transform our lives?






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