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A Birthday Prophecy

December 8, 2013 Series: Pursuing the King

Passage: Isaiah 9:6


Isaiah 9:6

1. We are spiritually _______________.
2. We are lost without _______________.
3. We lack the ability to _______________ God, ______________ God, or _______________ God.

A. A ______________________ BIRTH (v. 6).
    1. The prophecy reveals a child will be __________.
    2. The first hint of the prophecy: Genesis 3:15.
    3. The importance of Christ's humanity:
        • To ____________ where Adam failed (Rom. 5:18-19).
        • To stand in as our ______________________ (Heb. 2:16-17).
        • To fulfill God's original purpose for man to ____________ over creation (Heb. 2:8).
        • To be our _________________ (1 Pet. 2:21).

B. A GRACIOUS _______________ (v. 6).
1. Who gives the Son?

    a. The Son is given by God the ______________ (John 17:3).

2. When was the Son given?
    a. The Son was given before the _____________ of the cosmos.
    b. The Son is prophesied throughout the OT.

3. What kind of gift was given?
    a. The Son was a ________________ gift.

    b. The Son was and is God in the ____________ (Col. 2:9; 1:19).
4. Why was the gift given?
    a. The Son was given to _______________ God.
        • To ______________ the works of the devil.
        • To ______________ the people of God.
        • To ________________ the people of God.
        • To ________________ the people of God.
        • So the people of God might ____________.

You must _______________ to Jesus!



Isaiah 9:6

Discussion Questions

1. Can you recall a special birthday you celebrated in recent years? What were some of the highlights?

2. Why was the birthday prophecy in Isa. 9:6 so important to Israel? Why is it important to you?

3. Can you sum up the human dilemma? See Genesis 2:16-17 and Romans 5:12 for help.

4. What is radical depravity?

5. What are the two features of the birthday prophecy in Isaiah 9:6?

6. What are some important elements of the miraculous birth?

7. How do you think the typical Old Testament Israelite responded to the prophecy of Isaiah 9:6?

8. Who is the gracious gift? Discuss some of the important elements of this gracious gift.

9. Spend some time pondering the reality of the birthday prophecy. How does Isaiah 9:6 affect your worship?

10. Why is the gift of Christ the greatest gift ever given?

11. When did you come to Jesus? What were some of the events that led to your conversion?

12. Do you need to come to Jesus? What is preventing you from turning from your sin and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ?

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