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A Steward of the Truth: The Role of the People

November 8, 2013 Series: Stewards Living a God Pleasing Life


The Role of the People

Part II


A. DIVINE ____________________________

1. A face-to-face encounter with ____________.


___________________ (Gen. 3:8-13).

___________________ (Gen. 22:1-14).

___________________ (Exod. 3:1-6).

Learning to Become an Expository Listener

(Thabiti Anyabwile)


1. It cultivates a _____________ Truth (Ps. 119:103-104).

2. It helps us focus on God's will and motivates us to ________________ (John 10:27).

3. It helps protect the gospel and our lives from ____________________ (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

4. It encourages pastors to keep _____________.

B. DECISIVE ______________________

1. _________________ (John 8:43).

2. _________________ (John 8:47).


1. _______________ the absolute nature of Truth.

2. _______________ in the Truth.

3. _______________ to compromise the Truth.

4. _______________ that Christ is the essence of Truth.


Every person is faced with a divine ____________________ with the Truth and a decisive _________________ to Truth.



Part 2

Discussion Questions

1.   What is the essence of the divine encounter?

2.   Who faces the divine encounter?  Is anyone excluded?  What is the basis for your answer?

3.   Can you think of characters in the Bible who had a divine encounter with Truth?

4.   Describe your divine encounter with Truth.

5.   What is expositional listening and how can it help people as they encounter the Truth?

6.   What are the two kinds of decisive responses to Truth?  What is your response to Truth?  How can you grow in your responsiveness to Truth?

7.   What are some of the consequences of failing to belief the Truth?

8.   What are some of the benefits of hearing, believing, obeying, and surrendering to the Truth?

9.   What is the responsibilities of parents when it comes to stewarding the Truth?

10. Do young people have a responsibility to be stewards of the Truth?

11. Share with your Christ Group how you can rekindle your love for the Truth?  How can you reaffirm your commitment to steward the Truth?

12. How has our series on biblical stewardship impacted your life for the glory of God?

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