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Read It! - September 2022


Biblical theology as a discipline has seen a resurgence in recent years. Tragically, some of the books that focus on biblical theology are designed for readers who have a strong background in theology. Greg Gilbert’s new book, The Epic Story of the Bible is written with the new believer in mind. And while he sets his sights on new Christians, the book will also encourage readers with a strong theology background.


Gilbert sets the stage by discussing the origins of the Bible and the process that God used to assemble his Word. He introduces the big picture, what he refers to as “the grand storyline of the Bible.” He makes good use of ten themes that help guide readers on their journey. The themes include 1) The Creation and the Fall, 2) The Flood and God’s Promises, 3) The Exodus, 4) The Conquest, 5) The Crown, 6) The Exile, 7) The Return, 8) The Messiah, 9) The Church, and 10) The End.

The author traces the presence of God from the Garden of Eden all the way until the New Jerusalem, where God will dwell “right out in the open, among his people.” Gilbert continues, “His throne is there, and the throne of the Lamb. His people see his face, and they reign with him - joyfully in his presence, and in the presence of the Lamb Jesus Christ - forever and ever.”


The concluding chapters focus on the themes of covenant, kingship, and sacrifice. Each chapter clearly portrays the unmistakable way that God fulfills his promise to Abraham and ultimately makes good on the promise that he made in Genesis 3:15.


The Epic Story of the Bible is a powerful little book that new Christians and seasoned Christians alike should read. It will help rekindle a desire to see the redemptive purposes of God in the pages of sacred Scripture.