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Read It! - May 2023


The seventeenth century theologian, John Owen wrote with biblical precision and melted the hearts of his readers. Owen’s deep understanding of God’s Word challenged and encouraged each person who was willing to take up the glorious task of reading his work. Almost four hundred years later, Owen’s work is unmatched but is left unread by many contemporary Christians. Admittedly, Owen can be wordy and his arguments are difficult for people to comprehend. Pastor Mike McKinley understands the importance of John Owen’s contribution. But he also acknowledges the difficult challenge that Owen presents.


It is in this spirit that Pastor McKinley presents Friendship with God: A Path to Deeper Fellowship with the Father, Son, and the Spirit. His work seeks to unpack and explain John Owen’s seminal book, Communion with God in a way that is understandable without sacrificing any theological precision.


The book is comprised of four parts that focus on communion with the Triune God, communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each part drills down into the depths of Owen’s theology. The author masterfully explains Owen’s heart and encourages readers to draw near in friendship to the sovereign God of the universe.


McKinley’s exposition of John Owen’s Communion with God is a thoughtful and careful exposition. It reminds readers about the depth of God’s love for his people and helps them dig deeper into the theological treasures that are so easily passed over in our day.


I heartily recommend Friendship with God and trust that many will be encouraged in their own walks with God. I trust that many will also be prompted to read John Owen for themselves!