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Read It! - December 2022


The doctrine of hell is under attack. Voices that fuel the fire against the doctrine of hell come from philosophers, university professors, and is tragically opposed by some pastors. Dane Ortund makes a biblical case for the doctrine of eternal punishment in his recent book, Is Hell Real? The author’s work is included in Church Questions, a series produced by 9Marks ministries.


Dr. Ortlund summarizes his work at the beginning: “Hell is needed, awful, close, and deserved by every one of us - but there is a way to avoid getting there. This fitting summary becomes the basis for the remainder of the book as the author presents his case for the doctrine of hell. The book is clear, compelling, winsome, humble, and most of all - biblical.


Churches would do well to make this like book available to people in the pews for instruction and help with evangelism.