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Read It! - June 2023


Kevin DeYoung has done it again! He has managed to offer timely biblical counsel, this time to young people who are high school or college graduates. His book, Do Not Be True to Yourself: Countercultural Advice for the Rest of Your Life is an encouraging book for students as they navigate their lives in a world of compromise. 

The author presents a series of challenges for young people that are winsome and practical. But more importantly, DeYoung’s challenges are biblical. He sets the bar high and encourages students to take the biblical high ground. He contrasts the philosophy of the world with biblical imperatives that have teeth and happy ends.

Do Not Be True to Yourself is an excellent example of standing firm in the face of adversity. This very accessible book is the kind of material that needs to be placed in front of young Christian students. Dr. DeYoung is a breath of fresh air and a gift to the church.